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Marine Conservation

The people of the Cayman Islands understand the importance of maintaining a healthy underwater environment and have taken great care to preserve the treasures of the deep for future generations.

To that end, they have developed a series of environmental laws that will help ensure the sustainability of their natural environment. By working together to protect the environment and committing to conservation, everyone will benefit – both today and for generations to come. Below is a brief summary of the Marine Conservation Laws in the Cayman Islands:

  • Damaging coral by anchor, chains or any other means ANYWHERE in Cayman waters is prohibited.
  • No taking of ANY marine life – alive or dead.
  • No taking of any coral, sponges, etc. from Cayman waters.
  • Wearing gloves while diving or snorkelling in Cayman waters is prohibited.
  • Export of live fish or other marine life is prohibited.
  • Fishing with gill nets, poison or other noxious substances is prohibited.
  • Dumping ANYTHING in Cayman waters is prohibited.
  • The export of conch shells and or black coral requires a special permit, issued through the Department of the Environment.