Bodden Town Pirates Caves

Pirates Caves is a unique Pirate Historic Property. It has been owned by 5 generations of The Bodden family. It has recently been inherited by Ian & Cindy Bodden. Now, after restorations to the property Ian & Cindy Bodden are thrilled to invite you to experience a unique family fun historic Pirates Cave & Mini Zoo . It's an opportunity to wander through passages used by Notorious Pirates such as "Blackbeard" around the 1,630s -1,750s. Pirates would use the Cave for hiding valuable treasures & themselves from the settlers that were on the Islands. This is a self guided exploration however, no special equipment is needed as the cave exploring is suited for the whole family. Helmets & flashlights are provided and the cave is lit as well. Locals believe that pirates treasure still lies buried in the tunnels of the cave yet to be discovered. It's rumored that their treasures troves are still guarded by dead pirates who volunteered to remain behind as ghostly guardians. The cave is equipped with entrance & exit steps for ease of access. Stroll along a safe scenic nature trail, which the cave lies beneath and admire the beautiful lush tropical ironshore setting. You cab also view a small collection of animals in our Mini Zoo and see an authentic Pirates graveyard. Pirates Caves is a Family Fun Cave experience which will provide you and your love ones a unforgettable experience as you will be walking on pirates steps. Please call for payment inquiries.
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