Pirates Point Resort

Pirates Point Resort
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Pirates Point Resort is an all-inclusive SCUBA diving resort located in Little Cayman, Cayman Islands. With a total of 11 rooms and 9 staff, Pirates Point is able to achieve the perfect balance between privacy and a family environment. The two main attractions are the world class diving and the gourmet food. Diving in the Bloody Bay Wall has never been so easy and comfortable. Our team of dive guides will ensure you have a wonderful time and, if you so wish, become a more experienced diver. One of the unique aspects about diving with Pirates Point is that your dives will not be limited by time. You can remain underwater for as long as you safely can. Meal times at Pirates Point are a highlight in the Little Cayman experience. Our gourmet chefs prepare each meal thoughtfully, while impressing our guests with both traditional recipes and inspired creations. The success of Pirates Point can also be measured by both the high percentage of returning guests, and the long-term staff. Coupled with the blissful setting, this will no doubt make Pirates Point "Your island home away from home".