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Among the island’s more tranquil destinations is the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, which includes three main attractions – the Visitor’s Centre, the Floral Garden, and the Heritage Garden. This park is also home to the endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana and a two-acre lake that serves as a habitat for native birds and other rare wildlife species.

The Visitor’s Centre was constructed to model historical Caribbean architecture. It features beautifully crafted wooden shutters, wide verandas and a gorgeous courtyard.. Here, visitors will find parking, information, and a gift shop and a café.

The Floral Garden is a magnificently multi-coloured mosaic, with hundreds of different species of tropical and sub-tropical plants spread over 2.5 acres. The entrance is a stunning view of pink roses, green Caladiums, Anderson Crepe Hibiscus, and other exotic plants. An ornate white wooden gazebo is the centrepiece that completes the picturesque environment. Guests can relax beneath the shade or enjoy the sound of a gently cascading waterfall as they stroll through the spectacularly well-maintained garden.

At the Heritage Garden, the main attraction is the 20th century Rankin Home. This adorable wooden cottage once housed a family of eleven and is on display as a representation of traditional Caymanian culture. A restoration effort on the house was successful in recreating a porch, cook room with caboose (a homemade oven made out of wood), cistern, natural well, native coral stone fences and pathways lined with conch shells. The surrounding area is overflowing with a variety of blooming plants and fruit trees.

Local Tips

"If you're a nature lover and want to escape the busy Seven Mile Beach area, check out the Botanic Park in peaceful North Side."

Local Tips

"Did you know that a Starfish is not a fish? Visit Starfish Point to encounter them and staying this quiet & shallow beach in the afternoon was well worth and perfect for kids and kids at heart."

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