Travelling to Cayman

Travelling to Cayman
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Find your Caymankind At the End of a Rewarding Trip

With direct British Airways flights from London Heathrow (with a touchdown in Nassau, Bahamas) and same-day connections through Miami and Delta, making your way to Cayman can be a smooth journey from start to finish. It’s also worth noting that our national carrier, Cayman Airways operates daily services from Miami to Grand Cayman and offers group rates for weddings. So sit back, relax, and put your attendance on autopilot.


Do you need a passport for the Cayman Islands?

Yes, you will need a passport when entering the Cayman Islands from another country. Be sure to review entry requirements, passport exemptions and refusal reasons from the Department of Immigration

Can I bring my pet?

Dogs and cats are allowed, but you must submit an import permit application. You’ll also need an official health certificate for your pet(s), a rabies lab report and a processing fee for the import permit. No dog or cat under ten months old will be granted entry into the country. Learn more at

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