Cayman Diving Ltd

Cayman Diving provides the ultimate dive experience right from the beautiful shores of Grand Cayman. Not only is Cayman Dive School 5-Star rated with our terrific instructors, we’re also 5-Star rated with our fabulous service. Our goal is to give you the best diving experience, best training, and best personalized service possible. Grand Cayman is a nirvana for scuba divers from all over the world. The island’s magical underwater world rose to fame in the early 80’s and has remained a popular diving destination due to its year-round excellent conditions and accessibility. Each side of the island offers something different underwater with each coast showing off unique and beautiful scenery and all sorts of fish and wildlife. From the west side’s underwater tropical paradise, to the North Wall’s iconic Tarpon Alley, Eagle Ray Pass, and Hammerhead Hill, to the Kittiwake there’s a dive in Cayman for everyone. Stingray City in Grand Cayman is famous the world over and deservedly so. You can visit these friendly creatures at the sandbar or at a shallow dive site just a short trip along the barrier reef. Dive groups are limited - average is 6 on most dives - which means no crowded boats or dive sites. This is perfect for small groups who want their own boat and instructors. We love to dive, so if you’re taking classes consider a dive package as well. We can take you to wonderful wreck dives, wall dives or Stingray City dives. We dive the North, West and South sides of the Island.