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Archive: 2017 / 11

  • The Story of Cayman

    The Story of Cayman

    In 1503, Christopher Columbus was making his fourth and final voyage to the New World when winds blew his ship off-course. It was then that Columbus first happened upon two islands that he would name “Las Tortugas” inspired by the many turtles that inhabited the seas. This pair would become the sister islands of Cayman. […]

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  • Cayman hits the small screen

    Cayman hits the small screen

    We’re very excited to tell you that we have launched a new TV advert in the UK which is currently airing on Sky TV. The advert is based on the theme of finding ‘the perfect escape,’ and features a couple on a dreamy holiday in the Cayman Islands. You can find a link to the […]

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  • Pirates Week Highlights

    Pirates Week Highlights

    November 3rd-19th saw all three of the Cayman Islands invaded by pirates for the annual Pirates Week festival. Celebrating 40 years, this swashbuckling festival saw thousands of people take to the streets sporting their best pirate costumes! On the first Saturday, a mock pirate invasion was staged, and two old-time sailing vessels loaded with pirates […]

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