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  • Another outstanding year at the 11th Annual Cayman Cookout
    Culinary Capital

    Another outstanding year at the 11th Annual Cayman Cookout

    There’s something magical about January in the Cayman Islands. While many of our neighbors to the north are embracing ‘Dry January’ and making resolutions to stick to a healthier diet, here in our slice of tropical paradise, the islands are celebrating Culinary Month.
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  • Rum & Robusto
    Culinary Capital

    Rum & Robusto

    This stylish, post-brunch, poolside gathering has become a must-attend event over the years at the Cayman Cookout for locals and visitors alike. No culinary event in the Caribbean would be complete without rum and from the locally produced to world renowned, this event certainly celebrates some of the best.
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  • Ripert, Ricard and Petanque
    Culinary Capital

    Ripert, Ricard and Petanque

    For the internationally acclaimed chefs that travel from around the world to participate in the Cayman Cookout, there is one particularly jovial event that everyone looks forward to – Ripert, Ricard and Petanque.
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  • Don Julio’s Tequila Lab
    Culinary Capital

    Don Julio’s Tequila Lab

    Having been introduced to Don Julio’s Master Distiller, Enrique de Colsa, on day 1 of the Cayman Cookout at the “Meet the Distillers” session, we were excited to learn more about this premium brand’s journey and, of course, sample some of the finest tequila in the world.
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