Follow the trail to where wild banana orchids grow

Follow the trail to where wild banana orchids grow

In the North Side district of Grand Cayman, lies the famous Mastic Reserve with an amazing trail you can follow. It’s one of the last stands of virgin woodland left on the island. This 500-acre reserve is famed for its rare, magnificent Mastic trees. The experience is enhanced further if you hire an experienced guide from the National Trust.


The Mastic Reserve is a refuge for other rare species of plants and wildlife too. Wild banana orchids cloak the trees, along with a variety of other epiphytes (plants that grow harmlessly on other plants). Here you’ll also find Cayman parrots, woodpeckers, warblers, flycatchers, shy Caribbean doves, miniature tree boas, soldier crabs, agoutis, Cuban bullfrogs, large geckos and their smaller and more abundant cousins, the anole lizards.

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