Take your taste buds to heaven

Take your taste buds to heaven

The Cayman Islands have culinary options to suit any palate, there is such a diverse choice of food, all of which reflect the rich cultural heritage of the islands. There are over 200 restaurants on Grand Cayman alone, as well as street food. There are also many food tours available.


tastebuds_article_670xANYFish and seafood, are of course, a big feature and contemporary yet authentic Caribbean dishes are extremely popular. Choose from delicious offerings like ceviche, conch stew and Caybrew beer steamed middleneck clams, to mention but a few. Jamaican cuisine, in particular, has found its way onto many of the menus of the Cayman Islands, with jerk seasoning becoming popular on several meat dishes. Curries are frequently used throughout Cayman too.

Those with a sweet tooth will love some the islands local desserts including Cassava cake (locally known as Heavy cake). It’s made with locally grown ingredients including freshly grated Cassava, cinnamon and coconut milk.

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