Cayman Cookout Recipe

Cayman Cookout Recipe

The Cayman Cookout is one of the Cayman Islands’ main culinary events. Taking place in January every year, it is four days of delicious food and drink tasting with demonstrations and workshops from world-famous chefs and mixologists.

smoeky-rosie-articleCayman Cookout 2017 was a huge success so we wanted to share a recipe for one of the most popular cocktails consumed at the event, the Smokey Rose:


35ml golden rum (Seven Fathoms Rum is the best if you have got some!)
Squeeze lemon juice
3 tsps agave nectar
3tsps apple cider
4-5 chunks of apple
1 rosemary sprig


Muddle apple chunks in a shaker and then pour in rest of the ingredients. Shake and strain into a tumbler filled with ice. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of apple, sit back and pretend you are on Seven Mile Beach!