A Caymanian Wedding

A Caymanian Wedding

Jessica Cribb, a Cayman Islands native, and a staff member of the Department of Tourism got married on Grand Cayman at the George Town Christ of Church. Her reception was held at Restaurant Pappagallo,which is known for its soothing waters and serene atmosphere. This beautiful wedding, put together by talented Cayman Island vendors, will be remembered for its many special moments and laughs captured by dozens of precious and cherished photographs, that will be admired by many generations to come. Expert photographer Rebecca Davidson, initiated the brilliant idea of capturing the last minute nerves and marriage jitters just hours before the ceremony. Hours that usually vanish with the day will be forever remembered in the Cribb household as Rebecca Davidson incorporated various types of photographs, as each held a slightly different personality. One photo sets up a humorous scene where Jessica is bent over trying to fix her white stretch limo wearing her pearl white wedding dress, while her husband, Joshua Pawlik, lounges around drinking champagne. It is moments like these that are invented by true creatives and laughed about by many for years to come. Not only was Rebecca able to portray her own expert skills yet simultaneously she was able to calm the nerves of the bride-to-be.


The scenery itself, bounced from the pastel blues of the waters and swaying palm trees, to the cozy backyard feel of the white picket fences and deep green grasses. All the Cayman Islands vendors involved in the wedding planning, were able to accomplish two very different yet admirable effects. It is this type of serenity and lighthearted feel that allowed Jessica to enjoy the most important day of her life. “It was truly a magical day and there is nowhere else I could have dreamed of having it than in Cayman,” said the new Mrs. Pawlik.


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