The perfect underwater adventure

The perfect underwater adventure

The Cayman Islands is renowned for being one of the world’s best diving spots, but fewer people know it is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the Caribbean too.


Snorkelling is the perfect underwater adventure for all the family, regardless of age, and with clear, calm and shallow waters, it’s also one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the tropical wildlife below the water.

snorkling_article_670xany_7There are many spots dotted across the three islands where you can get easy access from the shore. In Grand Cayman you’ll be blown away with the number of shallow reef spots you can explore. South of George Town there is Coconut Harbour, Parrot’s Landing and Paradise Reef. More north of George Town are Don Foster’s Dive Shop and Calico Jack’s, both of which have the best entry spots to see the wreck of the Cali.

Cayman Brac boasts shallow snorkelling spots with healthy small coral formations and plentiful fish too. The best entry spot into the water is at Buccaneer’s Beach on the north coast of the Brac. Little Cayman offers breathtaking white sand beaches and tropical fish sightings including bonefish, parrotfish and dozens of reef fish. The best spots to snorkel are in the South Hole Sound Lagoon and Point of Sand.

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