Take me down to Stingray City

Take me down to Stingray City

A trip to Stingray City is a true highlight of any trip to Grand Cayman. It’s often considered to be one of the best shallow dives in the world. Non-divers can get up close too by visiting the sandbar, a relaxing 40 minute boat ride from the shore.


And once you enter the warm water in Grand Cayman’s North Sound, you’ll see why.

Within minutes you’ll be greeted by numerous Southern Stingrays. These beautiful prehistoric-looking creatures will glide up to you as you offer them a morsel of squid straight from your hand.


So why do all the stingrays gather there? Grand Cayman’s popular North Sound has a cut in the reef that was a popular route for fishermen to enter and then sit in calm water while cleaning the day’s catch. As they threw unwanted fish overboard the stingrays would come and feed on the discarded fish. These days, the fishermen are less frequently seen, but the stingrays remain, flashing their bright white undersides as they soar across the sandbar.

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