Explore Grand Cayman’s East End

East End of Grand Cayman

Exploring the East End of Grand Cayman is not to be missed. There is a more traditional, ‘off the beaten track’ feel here but plenty of activities to get involved with. The best way to explore the East End is by car so we’ve put together a sample driving tour which takes in all the main cultural attractions. We’ve even included a stop off for lunch – just make sure you pack your swimming stuff!

Start at Pedro St James, known as the birthplace of democracy in the Cayman Islands. About a 15-minute drive from George Town, this historic house and gardens are a great way to discover the unique culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands. Make sure you watch the multimedia presentation too.

After leaving Pedro St James, head up to the road to Bodden Town and visit the Mission House. Visiting is by appointment only but it’s well worth the tour as the house offers a glimpse into life in the Cayman Islands in the 1800s.

After the Mission House, continue east until you get to the Lighthouse – a fantastic restaurant for lunch if you have worked up an appetite. The dock at the back of the restaurant has stunning views over the water with a delicious menu serving fresh local seafood and Italian cuisine.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Expect to see stunning displays of flora and fauna as you wander around the grounds. A visit to the blue iguana breeding facility to see these incredible dragon-like creatures and to learn how they were saved from extinction is a must.

Say goodbye to the blue iguanas and turn right out of the botanic park to head towards Old Man Bay. Continue on to Rum Point where palm trees, crystal-clear shallow waters and hammocks await. Spend some time chilling out here and grab a snack or drink from the Wreck Bar and Grill – reportedly where the delicious mudslide cocktail was invented in the 50s. The beautiful beaches of Starfish Point and Kaibo are just around the corner and are well worth a look too.

Drag yourself away from Rum Point and head back towards Old Man Bay until you reach the Cayman Crystal Caves. These spectacular caves are definitely worth a visit as a local guide will take you around the site to explain the history of the caves, including all the local legends surrounding the site. Tours last an hour and a half and need to be booked in advance.

After leaving the Crystal Caves, take the Queen’s Highway back to George Town. Along with deserted beaches and stunning views of the sea, you’ll pass the site of the Wreck of the Ten Sail – a shipwreck that happened just off Grand Cayman back in 1794. Follow the road around and keep your eyes peeled for the Blow Holes. On a windy day, these dramatic water geysers shoot sea water skywards from holes in the ironshore.

After capturing the Blow Holes on camera, head back to George Town for a well-earned sundowner and some delicious food in the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

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