The gold standard for rum

The gold standard for rum

Some traditions are worth preserving and none more than the production of Grand Cayman’s Seven Fathoms Golden Rum. The gentle currents of the Caribbean Sea mature the rum, developing it’s distinctly complex flavour.


The process all begins with the harvesting of fresh cane juice from the farms of Grand Cayman’s East End. Using traditional West Indian techniques, the juice is distilled and transformed by hand into baby rum where it is transported in American white oak bourbon casks to a secret location out at sea. Once there, it is anchored at 42 feet (or, as its name would suggest, seven fathoms deep) where the ocean waves gently rock the spirit at a consistent temperature helping develop the rum’s full-bodied taste.

Years later, when the ocean has sufficiently aged the spirit, the casks are recovered from the depths of the Caribbean and introduced to the world. And whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with fine cocktail ingredients, there is no mistaking the multi-award winning richness and unique flavour tones.

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