Explore the fascinating shipwreck of Kittiwake

Explore the fascinating shipwreck of Kittiwake

5 metres from the water’s surface lies one of Cayman’s diving treasures. The Kittiwake shipwreck, situated in a marine park, is settled in the waters off Seven Mile Beach.

kittiwake_article_670xANY_01Until 1994, the Kittiwake ship was fully working and in service, then in 2011 it was sunk into Cayman waters to create an artificial reef. Today, the wreck has become home to numerous species of coral and fish.

The ship itself is over 76 metres long and boasts five fantastic decks that are just waiting to be discovered. The whole ship is an underwater playground for divers and what used to be space for accommodating sailors, is now open space for exploring. Some of the instruments are still intact so as you enter each chamber you can get a feel for how the ship was before it became a must visit dive site.


Whilst you explore the vessel be sure to take in the various fish, coral and other critters that now call this wreck a home. Whether you take to diving or snorkelling this wreck, it’s a spot not to be missed when taking to the waters of the Cayman Islands.

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