Heavenly escape: Owen Island

Heavenly escape: Owen Island

Situated off the south-western coast of Little Cayman, lies the tranquil and peaceful idyll of Owen Island. Known locally as the ‘fourth island’, this tiny islet offers the ideal getaway for those seeking a secluded alternative to the more popular beaches of Cayman’s three main islands.


The only way to reach it is by sailboat or kayaking across the heavenly waters of the bay that separates it from Little Cayman, so be prepared for a truly unforgettable voyage. This idyllic retreat is completely uninhabited, making it the perfect desert island for a private picnic or some snorkelling. The Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman can even provide a packed lunch to take across with you.

owen_article2With only the sound of its crystal clear waters lapping at the shore for company, Owen Island is a sanctuary of solitude and the perfect place to escape it all. Untouched by human development, the vegetation on the island is unspoilt and well worth exploring, where just a leisurely stroll makes it possible to complete an entire circuit of the island’s golden shoreline.

So if you love the idea of a Caribbean retreat for the ultimate in romance, rest, and relaxation, then be sure to visit Owen Island.