Dive deep and discover Grand Cayman’s bronze beauty

Dive deep and discover Grand Cayman’s bronze beauty

Located on the seabed of Sunset House Resort’s house reef rests the queen of the seas, Amphitrite. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Bronze Mermaid’, this 9-foot-tall, 600-pound Siren is in 55 feet of water off Grand Cayman and has become a huge hit with divers exploring the bay’s crystal clear waters and pristine reefs.

In mythology, Amphitrite was married to Poseidon, the lord of the oceans and has become a touchstone for photo enthusiasts since she was placed there in October 2000. Her trip to the seafloor was far from easy, however. The statue had to be hoisted by crane into the water and towed into place about 130 yards offshore onto a concrete pedestal.


Like any dazzling deity though, the sculpture – designed by Canadian artist Simon Morris – has grown more beautiful with age. It’s little wonder why she has been voted the most popular shore dive on Grand Cayman.

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