Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Food is an important part of the Cayman Islands experience, evident by the fact that the region holds the deserving title of ‘culinary capital of the Caribbean.’

Grand Cayman alone boasts in excess of two hundred restaurants serving local and international cuisine, so unwinding with a good meal can range from chic five-star dining to freshly caught fish prepared straight off the boat. Numerous restaurants can be found along the world-famous Seven Mile Beach, with the others dotted all over the island. For a truly authentic experience, try the freshly caught fish and seafood and dine outdoors under the stars.


The farm to table movement is important to Cayman and warmly embraced by restaurants and kitchens all across the three islands. Many of the establishments even have their own garden and fishing boat to ensure the food that they are preparing is not only fresh but features the best that Cayman agriculture has to offer. Cayman Cabana in George Town, for example, hosts a weekly ‘ocean to table’ dinner in collaboration with local farmers and fishermen. Le Soleil d’Or in Cayman Brac go one step further and, not only serve fresh farm-grown produce in their restaurant, but they use it in their spa products too. The edible facial is not to be missed!

Culinary_Article2As well as being served in restaurants, the produce of Cayman is also sold at farmers’ markets both in its original form and in the form of jams, jellies, ice cream and sauces. Red pepper jelly and guava jam are firm favourites.