A Whole New World: Spanish Cheese, Charcuterie & Aged Spanish Wine.

With a mouthful of a title, this tasting did not disappoint. Lead by the " big cheese" herself Michele Buster, this incredible experience was not one to be missed by fine wine and cheese connoisseurs anywhere.

cheese artisan, Michele Buster

Michele Buster leading the tasting with a little personal history of her beginnings as a cheese seller, artisan and now ambassador.

educational cheese tasting

Cheese ranging from soft to firm, and the makes of goat to buffalo cheese. This spread was an educational trip for the senses. 

Spanish cheese tasting

The Steamed White Asparagus was a delicious palate cleanser between cheeses.

Just like each round before, the Charcuterie was immaculately presented and flavored!

Let's not forget the accopaniments of roasted Spanish Almonds, Figs, Olives and Cranberries

To complete this already amazing tasting were the wine pairings offered. Notably the most memorable (and highly concentrated) wine was quite special.. Mainly because the vine these grapes were harvested on, were planted about 90 years ago. (Yes, 9-0!) It can produce a product with a natural alcohol content of 18%! But, like any commodities of such historic value it is a special reserve that can only be bought with the makers themselves, Rioja Wines. (And that's only after they feel it is ready!) 

aged Spanish wineParedinas spanish wine