BBQ and Steak King – Tim Love

If you have never experienced Tim Love’s demonstrations, then it is one that has to be on your bucket list. Now, Jose Andres is usually the rowdy one at Cayman Cookout and can truly command a cooking demonstration but…

Tim Love had the crowd roaring, engaged, participating and having a ball of a time! In other words the man was simply amazing!

And if you aren’t cooking your steaks in a fire pit (and your onions) you truly aren’t doing it right!

Tim Love celebrity chef

Caption: Tim Love and Food and Wine Editor in Chief Nilou Motamed starting his demo with a shot

Caption: The fire pit

steak on a fire pit

Caption: If you have never cooked your steak on a fire pit you are not doing it right!

tender steak by Tim Love

Caption: The final result was the juiciest, flavorful and tender steak we have ever eaten.

caramelized roasted onions by celebrity chef

Caption: The Roasted onions that were caramelized in the middle are to die for!

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