Chef Eric Ripert and Craggy Range at Le Soleil d'Or

Craggy Range owner Terry Peabody and Cayman Cookout Host Eric Ripert

So we usually start Cayman Cookout with photos of our amazing chefs on our beautiful Seven Mile Beach or lounging at the pool.

This year, Cayman Cookout started a bit differently. For the first time, Cayman Cookout arrived in the Sister Islands and in style.

An intimate group of guests boarded wine connoisseur Craggy Range’s Falcon 7x Private Jet and was spirited away to the exclusive Le Soleil d’Or Resort in Cayman Brac. Joined by Craggy Range owner Terry Peabody and Cayman Cookout Host, Chef Eric Ripert, guests enjoyed a beautiful selection of wines 37,000 feet in the air.

Caption: Craggy Range owner Terry Peabody and Cayman Cookout Host Eric Ripert

Le Soleil d’Or has established itself as the premier boutique resort on island offering not only luxury accommodations but also holistic opportunities for guests that just want more out of their vacation. Cayman Cookout guests enjoyed a tour of the resort’s farm which boasted 20 acres of fruits that grow year round and supplies the property restaurants. The team also uses the produce on the farm to create unique bottled homemade products that have become crowd favourites. Visitors explored a plethora of herbs and fruit trees such as mango, avocado, peppers, oranges, lime, dragon fruit, figs and olives (yes – olives and figs… in the tropics!)

Le Soleil d’Or Cayman Brac Resort

Caption: A taste of Le Soliel d’Or farm harvest and products in their store

The guests were then treated to a four course menu of sinful deliciousness. First course of oysters and caviar, freshly baked breads, farm harvest jams and conscious drinks along with paired Craggy Range wines. Second course was an assortment of charcuterie that is freshly made onsite for guests. Third course was a classic French cuisine and the final course a mouthwatering selection of desserts.

Le Soleil d’Or RestaurantLe Soliel d’Or farm to table

This friends is not an event you should ever miss!