Life by the Sea with Chef Dean Max

Supporting Local, we have the infamous Chef Dean James Max of The Brasserie; giving a taste of what our islands are all about. 

Chef Dean James Max of The Brasserie

A quick lesson about the difference between season peppers and hot scotch bonnet peppers, to the history of the origin of the breadfruit. This demonstration with Chef Dean Max was entertaining and informative!

Every good demonstration starts off with, you guessed it.. Coconuts & Rum!

Chef Dean Max event

Wait..they all don't start like that? I guess Chef Dean Max just has the right idea on how to get his audience's attention.

Next up, Chef threw out a delectable Gazpacho garnished with a mild Ceviche all while balanced on the middle of a thin crispy Breadfruit Chip.

Gazpacho garnished with Ceviche

The season peppers really shone in that cool shot of Gazpacho!

The next tasting was a personal favorite ( I even asked for seconds!)

A very lightly beer battered Swordfish Skewer with an incredibly light Herb Aioli, and a little Sea Salt.

Swordfish Skewer with Herb Aioli

So simple, yet so delicious!

Chef Dean Max event

 ..& he kept the cocktails coming!

All in all, one of my favorite tasting throughout the Cayman Cookout weekend. Simple and yet bursting with flavor.

Chef Dean Max Cayman Cookout 2017