Ole Jose! Paella with Jose Andres.

Jose Andres and Emeril Lagasse

With his usual eclectic and dramatic entrances, Jose Andres definitely did not disappoint this year! Arriving by jet ski with another legend Emeril Lagasse, Jose decided James Bond style was the best fit for this year. Theme music, toting a plastic gold gun and everything!

celebrity chef Jose Andres

culinary festival with Jose Andres

After finishing his grand entrance, Jose proceeds to do his annual demonstration of a great Spanish Paella. Starting off with two incredibly huge iron pans, his chefs proceed to get things started with onions and an amazing smelling fish stock.

Next, the pasta (make sure you emphasize it's from Spain, or Jose wont be too happy!)

Then, the addition of shrimp (with the heads on!)

A few more jokes and cocktails later, a heavenly aroma floats through the audience. Jose makes his final address to the audience and it's time for Paella!

Paella with Jose Andres Cayman Cookout 2017

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