Amanda Cohen’s Vegetarian Candies

Vegetables are set to be a huge food trend this year, so we were excited to see Amanda Cohen, Owner of Chef of award-winning vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy making her debut at this year’s Cayman Cookout.
Throughout her career, Chef Amanda has been on a mission to put vegetables at the centre of the plate. From being the first vegetarian chef to compete on Iron Chef America to publishing the first graphic novel cookbook in North America, Dirt Candy: A Cookbook, Amanda is definitely leading the way in the vegetable revolution.
Chef Amanda took the audience through two of her signature recipes, Carrot Risotto and a twist on a potato salad using spiralized potatoes that were par-cooked to give an interesting texture to the dish.
The goal, she explained, was to heighten the flavor of vegetables in each dish. And that was certainly what she did with her creamy risotto layered with crunchy brunoise cut carrots. It certainly had us ready to dash to the Farmer’s Market and try out a few recipes from her book!

Article by Natalie Toole & Joel Porter