Barefoot BBQ at Royal Palms

The Ritz-Carlton’s annual Cayman Cookout brings together some of the finest chefs from around the world, and what better setting to sample their culinary delights than Grand Cayman’s spectacular Seven Mile Beach.
We enjoyed a barefoot barbeque under the stars with an impressive line-up of celebrity chefs, including Eric Ripert, Jose Andres and Bernard Guillas, serving up a sizzling selection of grilled delicacies. Food stations, grills and firepits lined the sand in front on Royal Palms Beach Club while poolside there was an impressive selection of desserts on display, crafted by Chef Jean-Francois Suteau.
Guests sipped on chilled Moet & Chandon champagne as well as an array of handcrafted cocktails by beverage masters including Bob Peters and Alexa Delgado who served up our favourite drink of the night, a refreshing Whisky Smash.
Alongside the internationally acclaimed culinary stars, some of the Cayman Islands’ finest chefs served up a delicious selection of globally inspired bites. Among our favourites were Anchor & Den’s succulent porchetta with roasted pumpkin and sauerkraut, Chef Sara’s Best Dressed Chicken Kielbasa and Ave’s Lamb “Ouzi” Merguez Slider.
The stand out dish of the night was Chef Bernard Guillas’ salt crusted snapper. Ever the extravagant one, Chef Bernard put on quite a show as he flambéed the snapper with over proof rum before cracking open the crust to reveal the tender fish inside. Weeks later, we’re still dreaming about the melt in your month texture and melting pot of flavours in this dish.

Article by Natalie Toole & Joel Porter