Metamorphosis of Taste with Dominique Crenn

Against the backdrop of Grand Cayman’s stunning Seven Mile Beach, Chef Dominique Crenn, the only female chef in the United States with 3 Michelin Stars, took us on a culinary journey during her Cayman Cookout demonstration.
While Chef Crenn set about smoking her Mount Lassen Trout, the audience sipped on a refreshing Pier 31 Sour, a take on a pisco sour inspired by her home city, San Francisco. The vibe was fun and at times hilarious as Chef Crenn engaged the crowd with stories of her culinary adventures as well as a hint of political banter. But it was, of course, the food that was the star of the show.
As Chef Crenn sprinkled local Cayman Sea Salt into her dish, she emphasised the importance of getting to know your local farmer and supporting your community by cooking with fresh, local produce.
Attendees enjoyed smoked trout rillette served with pickled vegetables and a piece of crispy trout skin that paired perfectly with the smooth rillette.
Our key takeaway from this enticing hour of culinary mastery was Chef Crenn’s mantra that “food is language”. There may have been many nationalities in the audience at this event but we certainly all understood the common language of food when sampling this tasty dish.

Article by Natalie Toole & Joel Porter