Beach Bash

The Beach Bash had to be my second favourite event, next to Jose Andres paella demo (read previous post about that one!). The Beach Bash was up at Rum Point; you could have either taken a catamaran there or drive up through the scenic northern district. Once you arrive you are met by the inviting Tortuga Rum stall where they had the most delicious rum cocktails. There were about 10 food stalls and 4 drink stalls being run by a mix of local and guest chefs/mixologists like; Emeril Lagasse, Laetitia Rouabah, Tony Briggs, our local chef Mo Cubbon, Gerard Bertholon, mixologist Charles Joly and so many more!

The food at this event was out-of-control-delicious. Tony Briggs was whipping up the best sushi I have ever tried, and it was a big hit with the rest of the guests as well. He easily had the longest line at the event! Laetitia Rouabah was serving my personal favourite, Croque monsieur, but with a twist, she added comté cheese and truffle. I went back for 3 helpings!

Gerard Bertholon had a bao bun with crispy pork belly. I could talk for days about the food at this event.
The dessert stalls were equally amazing with fried coconut milk, mojito flavoured ice cream and churro ice cream sandwiches. Incredibly decadent and so worth it!

Being healthy is important, but so is living and what kind of life are you living without dessert? There is room for dessert in every diet and indulging in moderation is key for maintaining your healthy lifestyle. No restrictions are necessary! If I had to choose just one dessert to eat for the rest of my life, I would have to say it would be the churro bun stuffed with the salted caramel flan ice cream by Katrina Pagan. It was so good I forgot to even take a photo with it.

The relaxed vibe of this event is what makes it so fun. The host Al Roker walked around to each stall and shared about the food. Andrew Zimmern mingled throughout the crowd, and Emeril Lagasse chatted and explained his dish to each person that came up to try it.

The only thing I would change about this event is to make it longer because it is was fun!

Article by Ashleen Parker