Rum & Robusto and Pétanque

Sunday, the last day of Cayman Cookout (boo!), has two of the best events Rum & Robusto and the chef’s face off in a pétanque game. These events were going on simultaneously this year, but fortunately, they are only a few feet away from each other. 

I started at the Rum & Robusto event where the best rum cocktails I have ever tried were handed out in adult juice packs, giant coconuts and even cork cups. The cocktails were so unique and flavourful, many of them also featured fresh fruits like the No Pain No Gain cocktail that was created using Flor De Cana rum, coconuts, pineapples, guava, raspberries and limes – can it get more nutritious than that!? Rum is another alcoholic beverage that has some pretty cool benefits such as; treating common colds with its medicinal properties and lowering the side effects of osteoporosis because it increases the density of bone minerals. Back in the day rum was used to treat many illnesses it’s not our fault we figured out a more fun way to consume it *wink*

After taste-testing the delicious rum cocktails, I headed over to the pétanque game to see how the chefs were doing. Pétanque is a French game similar to bocce ball except that you are not allowed to take steps in pétanque, and usually, you toss the ball face down instead of palm up to create a backspin – that’s the trick. Each team of chefs had their name engraved on the metal ball they throw to see who gets closest to the cochonnet (the small wooden ball). It was not uncommon to see the referees out there with a measuring tape to see who was closest! It’s an exciting game to watch because it can come down to the centimetre, which makes it get very competitive. This year, Team Ott (José Andrés team) won the game!

Article by Ashleen Parker