Yoga & Krug

The Yoga and Krug Event made for the best start to the 2020 Cayman Cookout. I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, but that does not mean that there is never any room for indulging. The Yoga and Krug fit into that perfect balance. We started off getting comfortable on the mat that was laid out to stare at the beautiful Caribbean sea. Jose Andres came by cracking jokes about how he’d be our yoga instructor; I can imagine it would’ve been a very giggly yoga session if he had stuck around! 

Manuela, the yoga instructor for this event, had a perfectly soothing voice that carried us through a relaxing flow. During the session, you could hear the ocean, the birds and the palm trees blowing in the wind, which created a pleasant atmosphere for a calming morning before the hustle and bustle of the Cookout. 

Just when we started to get a little sweaty, a light, refreshing rain began to cool us off. Then a perfect rainbow appeared just over the water! You would’ve thought the Ritz somehow planned the entire thing - it was so picturesque. 

Once yoga ended, we were welcomed by flowing (yoga pun intended) Krug Champagne, which I have to say is the best champagne I have ever drunk! Manuela shared about Joseph Krug and his exceptional winery that started in the heart of the Champagne region in Reims, France. This champagne is of such high quality because it goes through a process called malolactic fermentation which gives it a much smoother taste. However, my favourite part about this process is that it makes the wine less acidic and allows for more potential nutrients from the grapes to come out into the wine. #healthyindulging 

I’d say this event was a perfect blend of indulgence and health wrapped up into a beautiful, relaxed bow. 

Article by Ashleen Parker