5 Plant-Based, Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Grand Cayman

Escaping to a utopia that allows you to maintain your diet or just indulge with healthier food options because eating healthy can be fun when visiting paradise.  

Popularly known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is a vegetarian and vegan delight, boasting several flavoursome options worth trying. 

Grand Cayman is home to a few vegan and vegetarian-only restaurants, but the majority of the island’s culinary community feature plant-based options on their menu. The options are growing and deserve a bite when next visiting the destination.  

Firstly when travelling as a vegan or vegetarian, it is crucial to always research the available options in the locale visiting. Here is a list of  6 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Cayman Islands worth a try for an enjoyable plant-based meal.   

Bread & Chocolate 

Located in the heart of George Town, the three islands' capital. This bistro is a dedicated vegan spot with a wide variety of tasty options to try. The bistro's ambience is comforting, with a natural, earthy look to pair with the food offerings. Serving breakfast and lunch, customers can dine, take out or order using food delivery apps such as Bento or Let's Eat.  

Their menu has a good variety plus they also have daily specials. The food is toothsome to say the least! Have you ever had a Beet Burger? Whatever your answer is, you should consider giving the Bread and Chocolate’s version a try. Known as the "The Angus Beet Burger'', you will be duly surprised when taking your first bite. It's a palatable choice and one for the books.  

The bistro recently updated their menu and interestingly their is a section called "favourites", with the Island Bowl topping this list consisting of spicy jerk tofu, garlic sautéed seasonal greens, black beans with coconut sauce, shredded roots, and grilled plantain served over a choice of brown rice or quinoa. 


Island Natural Café  

The renowned Seven Mile corridor is home to this plant-based eatery which focuses on natural and chemical-free healthy and nutritional options.  

 We not only eat with our mouths but our eyes. The atmosphere must be inviting to enjoy a meal, and Island Natural offers this. A pastel-themed layout of brown and white, evoking relaxation and calm, this eatery is extremely inviting.  

 Popular for their wraps and salads, their menu is extensive! A crowd favoruite their "Spicy pan Asian",  includes Onion, Mushroom, Red Pepper, Zucchini, Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Red Cabbage, Jalapenos tossed in a Tamari & Spiced Peanut Sauce. Want to treat yourself to an evening snack try a slice of their mango or strawberry cheesecake; these are top sellers, so keep your fingers crossed when planning to indulge! 


Seven Mile Greens  

Regarded as an on island go to salad eatery! Located further north on the Seven Mile strip in Governors Square. The eatery has several salads to choose from as well as the option to build your own salad. With over 60 ingredients to choose from for a salad no wonder they are a popular salad choice. Additionally several of the ingredients are locally grown and produced. Great setting to dine or grab and go. 

The  “Budda Bowl” a popular on their menu includes quinoa, arugula, avocado, beets, cauliflower, chickpea, sweet potatoes and tofu with lemon tahini dressing. It's worth mentioning that Seven Mile Greens is the sister restaurant of Seven Mile Burger which is within the same vicinity, approximately a minute's walk away. Delicious gourmet burgers! With the Magic Mushroom Burger a popular choice among vegetarians being a popular choice among plant-based dieters.


The Edgy Vedge

Minted in 2022, Edgy Vedge has quickly become a fan favourite. With a maxim to deliver mouth-watering food by shaking up the stigma around boring vegan products, the eatery has vowed to serve delectable options from their Camana Bay location. Their extensive menu features unique plant-based only options such cauli wings, crabby cakes, margherita pizza, rain bowl, bbq bacon cheezburger, big vedge mac and bbq jackfruit taco to name. 

The location is themed to reflect their approach to tasty options, whether you prefer to dine inside or outside, you will be greeted with a serene ambience and friendly staff. The establishment also has a marketplace stocked with a variety of vegan options for sale.

Feast in or takeout! The Edgy Vedge experience is well worth a bite.


VIVO Alternative Restaurant 

Do you know what the word Vivo means? It is latin for “within living”. The definition is key here, Vivo prides itself on providing food for the soul, through sustainable cuisine.  

 This eatery serves seafood, vegetarian and vegan. Go for the food and stay for the food and the view. Imagine dining and watching the sunset while listening to the whistles of the sea. That's the type of setting offered by Vivo. A sheltered outdoor dining experience next door to a dive shop.

Notable mentions with vegetarian or vegan options available 

Cayman Cabana
The Waterfront Urban Diner 
Kirk Market
Arbutus Gallery 
Agave An Urban Agaveria
Jessie's Juice Bar Café
Brussel Sprout
Silverside Restaurant
Rankin’s Jerk

This article in no way attempted to feature or rank all the available options in the Cayman Islands. All content mentioned in this article is the writer's opinion and experiences; the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism neither influenced nor discussed restaurants to be featured. 

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