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Display Your
Culinary Pride

When guests flock to our 200 restaurants, they come knowing each menu provides its own distinctive take on Caribbean flare. It is this reputation that has earned us the distinction of being called the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.

As a restaurateur, you are a proud resident, welcoming visitors with your own unique take on our world-famous dishes. And as you live up to the name of Cayman cuisine, there are things you can do to further deliver on the promise of indulging in our tropical fare. Oftentimes, it’s as simple as using the official logo for the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean in your own marketing, applying it in places like your storefront or your website. You can also use our hashtags, #caymaneats and #culinarycapitalofthecaribbean, across your social media.


Download the Culinary Capital Logo Now!
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Please feel free to use the logo on collateral such as menus, letterhead, patron’s checks, etc.