Balloonfish (Spiny puffer)

Balloonfish (Spiny puffer)
Diodontidae (Spiny Puffers or Porcupinefishes)
Diodon holocanthus
0 to 60 ft
The body is light brown on the back fading to white on the underside. It is covered with many black spots and larger dark brown blotches. Spots are absent from the fins. The spines on the body are usually flattened except when the fish is provoked. The spines on the top of the forehead are longer than those elsewhere on the body. The balloonfish grows to a length of 20 inches (51 cm). The balloonfish is found almost worldwide in tropical waters. It inhabits coral reefs, mangrove and seagrass areas, where it swims about slowly staying close to the bottom. It feeds on small crustaceans.and other hard-shelled invertebrates.

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