Fairy basslet (royal gramma)

Fairy basslet (royal gramma)
Grammidae (Basslets)
Gramma loreto
0 to 100+ ft
The body is distinctly divided into two colors: purplish or magenta on the front half and a golden yellow on the rear half. A prominent black spot is present on the dorsal fin. There are often two golden streaks behind the eyes. These fishes are known for orienting themselves with the belly facing the coral reef or substrate, making them swim upside down along the roof of caves or under ledges. The fairy basslet grows to a length of 3 inches (8 cm). These beautiful little fish are abundant throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas. The fairy basslet inhabits coral reefs, often living in caves or under ledges. They feed on plankton. The male fairy bassslet broods the eggs in its mouth. The fairy basslet resembles the juvenile Spanish hogfish, but is distinguishable by the presence of the black spot on the dorsal fin. Also, the Spanish hogfish juvenile usually swims in the open and not close to the reef.

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