Giant (Purple tipped) anemone

Giant (Purple tipped) anemone
Phylum Cnidaria (hydroids, jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, black corals and gorgonians)
Condylactis gigantea
0 to 100+ ft
The body consists of numerous tentacles concealing a central mouth. The tentacles are long and smooth, pale in color, and often tipped with pink, purple or yellow. This is the largest of the anemone species in the Caribbean, growing to a maximum diameter of 12 inches (33 cm). The giant anemone is common throughout the Caribbean, including the Cayman Islands. It inhabits coral reefs and lagoons. Usually, the body is hidden within the reef structure leaving only the tentacles visible. The sticky mucous-coated tentacles wave in the water, catching plankton that is channeled inward to the mouth. Many other reef animals live in close association with the giant anemone. The diamond blenny, Pederson's cleaning shrimp and the anemone shrimp are all frequently seen with this anemone.

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