Horse-eye jack

Horse-eye jack
Carangidae (Jacks)
Caranx latus
0 to 60 ft
Like all jacks, the body is silvery, but a yellow tail helps to distinguish the horse-eye jack. The pectoral fins are translucent. The forehead is steep and the eyes are quite large. There is often a dark spot near the top of the gill cover. The tip of the dorsal fin is often dark. This jack grows to a length of 2.5 feet (0.8 m). The horse-eye jack is found throughout Caribbean; also north to New Jersey, Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico and south to Brazil. It is common in the Cayman Islands. Adults inhabit open water over reefs, while juveniles prefer areas with muddy bottoms. This fish forms small to large schools, often mixing with other types of jacks.

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