Smooth trunkfish

Smooth trunkfish
Ostraciidae (Boxfishes)
Lactophrys triqueter
0 to 100+ ft
The body is pales to gray covered with numerous small white spots. The spots are usually organized into a honeycomb pattern in the area just behind the pectoral fins. The areas around the mouth, base of the dorsal fin and base of the tail are black. Unlike other trunkfish, the smooth trunkfish is the only member of the family that lacks both a spine above the eye and a spine near the anal fin. It grows to a length of 1 foot (30 cm). The smooth trunkfish is common throughout the Caribbean, including in the Cayman Islands. It inhabits coral reefs. It is solitary. Occasionally it will eject a stream of water from its mouth into the sand to dislodge burrowing invertebrates. It feeds on a variety of invertebrates including worms, crabs, shrimps, tunicates and sponges.

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