Yellowtail damselfish

Yellowtail damselfish
Lutjanidae (Snappers)
Microspathodon chrysurus
0 to 60 ft
The body is silver but tinged with blue especially on the upper back. A bright yellow stripe runs from the snout, just above the mouth to the tail, which is entirely yellow. The tail is deeply forked. Dorsal fins are yellowish, often with yellow spots below. The yellowtail snapper can grow as large as 30 in (75 cm) in length. The yellowtail snapper is found throughout the Caribbean. It is common in Florida and the Bahamas, and abundant in the Caribbean, including the Cayman Islands. It inhabits shallow reefs from 10-60 feet (3-18 m) in depth. It is a very active fish. It may be solitary or in loose aggregations that stay well above the reef. The yellowtail snapper is quite bold, particularly when food is available. It is an excellent food fish.

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