Diving Little Cayman is a dream come true. Bloody Bay Wall is the main attraction, but there are other sites that are equally as exciting with numerous tunnel systems and crevices, both on the shallow reefs and out over the wall. Offering some of the most beautiful reef structures to be seen in the underwater world, this is where divers in-the-know go.

With more than 60 dive sites descending to a depth of 6,000 feet, discovery is the first word that comes to mind when diving in Little Cayman. This undeveloped island getaway provides divers an experience like no other.

This 10 mile long one mile wide island is the least developed of the three and is home to 200 residents. Dive Little Cayman with jacks, groupers and turtles at Cumber’s Cave; this shallow 20 foot dive provides inexperienced divers with swim-throughs and vistas of coral heads. Divers can also enjoy Bush Gardens and Disneyland without leaving Little Cayman.

Little Cayman is a necessary stop on any Cayman vacation; providing rest and relaxation as well as many wonderful activities above and especially below the water’s surface.