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Specialty and Technical Course

Specialty and Technical Diving

The speciality training options in the Cayman Islands are almost unlimited – from underwater photography and wreck diving to navigation and night diving. 

Advanced technical courses such as Nitrox and Trimix diving, Rebreather and Extended Range Diving are also available when on your Caribbean dive vacation in the Cayman Islands. For more information on these technical diving technique courses, contact a dive operator in the Cayman Islands.

Technical diving found its home in the Cayman Islands. Pioneers like Nancy Easterbrook (an International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame inductee) brought tech diving to the forefront of accessibility. Experience closed circuit or a semi-closed circuit rebreathing by enrolling in a Rebreather Diving program. If you are an experienced rebreather, be sure to visit the Cayman Islands during the annual Inner Space event, where, amongst other things, all the latest ‘toys’ in the industry are showcased.

INNER SPACE is a dedicated week of Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving and CCR training, lectures, technology conference and more! It's an all-inclusive week bringing together divers, Instructors, dive shops, manufacturers, training agencies and more.