Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit within the Department of Tourism is dedicated to attracting, retaining and developing the highest caliber team of professionals with the competencies and personal characteristics necessary to achieve the CIDOT’s mission.  We strive to create a challenging, respectful and collegial work environment; keeping within the guidelines of the Cayman Islands Government Personnel Law that will enhance employee productivity, promote teamwork, and motivate high levels of job performance resulting in Departmental peak performance. 

Key Persons and Contact Information

Director's Office
Mrs. Rosa Harris
Title: Director of Tourism
Marketing Team 

Mrs. Oneisha Richards
Title: Deputy Director, International Marketing and Promotions
Responsibilities: International Marketing & Promotions
Categories: All areas of Marketing, US region, Canada and UK region

Ms. Annick Jackman
Title: Manager, National Promotions & Events
Responsibilities: National Promotions & Events
Categories: Local Advertising, Events, FAM Programme, Sponsorship
Direct dial: 345-244-1263 

Mrs. Casandra Morris
Title: Manager, E-Business and Market Research
Responsibilities: E-Business, Local and International Research
Categories: Digital Media, Websites, Social Media, Statistics & Research, Customer Relationship Management and Travel Planner
Direct dial: 345-244-1287 

Ruth Myles Title: Manager, Public Relations
Responsibilities: PR for all CIDOT Global offices, Visiting Journalist Programme, Film Crews
Categories: All public relations activities, management of PR activities for US, UK and Canada regions, VJ Programme, Film Crews
Direct dial 345-244-1259 Information Services Mr. Stefan Twinn
Title: IS Manager
Responsibilities: Information Systems
Category: Information and Technology Systems Services
Direct dial 345-244-1274

Product Development and Human Capital 

Ms. Gail Henry
Title: Deputy Director, Product Development
Responsibilities: MOT Scholarship, Cruise & Airport Customer Service attendants/musicians, PRIDE, Tourism Apprenticeship, CEPTS, Hotel Licensing and Inspections, Cayman Brac Office and Public Transportation

Ms. Jessica Pawlik
Title: Manager of Tourism Development Services
Responsibilities: Product Development, Licensing and Inspections, Scholarships, CEPTS
Direct dial: 345-244-1251 Finance

Mr. Kyle McLean
Title: Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
Responsibilities: Financial Matters and Tourism Tax 
Direct dial: 345-244-1257

Ms. Georgette Bodden
Title: Manager, Budget and Finance
Responsibilities: Budget
Direct dial: 345-244-1257

Human Resources

Ms. Amy Bothwell
Title: Manager, Human Resources
Responsibilities: All Human Resources Matters, Job Opportunities and Departmental Recruitment
Direct dial: 345-244-1281

Internal Policies

Employment Documents

Internship Documents