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The Tourism Product Development Unit is responsible for developing new and existing product to enhance the visitor experience while visiting the Cayman Islands. Voluntourism, volunteering while on vacation, adoption of the Green Globe 21 Programme for the Accommodation Sector to reduce the environmental impacts of visitors and converting cruise visitors to stay over guests are some the innovative concepts the unit has initiated. The Unit also focuses on the development of employees within in the tourism industry through projects like the PRIDE Programme, a customer service standards initiative, and the Tourism Apprenticeship Training Programme.

  • Tourism Education, Awareness and Scholarships
    DOT encourages children, students and adults to learn and participate in tourism education programmes and contests. Learn more about the complete awareness programme created by the Human Capital Development unit.

  • School of Hospitality (formerly Tourism Apprenticeship Training Programme/TATP)
    The TATP programme is now the School of Hospitality with University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI). This industry recognized and accredited hospitality courses that will train, certify and inspire you for rewarding careers in the Cayman Islands’ tourism and hospitality sector. Three-semester, 10 month courses ( September until June). To learn more or to become a student email:


    The National Customer Service Standards Initiative called PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence) was established in conjunction with the Freeman Group in 2007. It has been created to ensure our islands remain a premiere destination in the Caribbean we must consistently deliver world class service to each individual. Our guests must be welcomed with exceptional service from the moment they arrive on the island. This service needs to be consistent and excellent until the moment they depart. For additional information visit the PRIDE sitelet .

  • NTMP
    This ‘Go East’ Strategy document is an addendum to the National Tourism Management Plan (NTMP) 2009 – 2013; its aim is sustainable development of tourism in the Eastern Districts of Grand Cayman. Download the complete draft document.

  • Welcome Back
    This cruise product development programme is currently being evaluated and amended to generate a measurable return on investment and to make it more effective. The programme was created to encourage cruise visitors to return as over-night visitors.

  • Go East
    The Go East Initiative is a partnership between the Go East Committee and the Cayman Islands Government. The Committee is an independent body unaffiliated to any political body. It serves as a liaison between the community and the Government with regard to potential investments in the district.The Committee is an advocate for residents of East End who may have a business idea which they would like to pursue and for those residents who would like to enhance their existing businesses. The programme was created to encourage cruise visitors to return as over-night visitors as well as;

    • To create more tourism revenue for the eastern districts (BoddenTown, East End, North Side).

    • Formulate the frame work for business development in the eastern districts.

    • Determine ways in which the Government could support and promote community-based tourism.

    • Develop inventory of existing businesses and meet with entrepreneurs to determine what assistance is needed to pursue the opportunities that arise from the Go East Initiative.

    • Provide support for local enterprise and enhance the existing tourism product.

    • Shared values and prosperity for the economic development of East End while maintaining social harmony and protecting the environment.

    • Preserving the culture, charm, tranquility and uniqueness of East End.

    • This ‘Go East’ Strategy document is an addendum to the National Tourism Management Plan (NTMP) 2009 – 2013; its aim is sustainable development of tourism in the Eastern Districts of Grand Cayman. Learn More


  • The Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector (CEPTS) is a public-private sector partnership for improved environmental performance in the Cayman Islands tourism sector. This project was first placed on the table in 2002, but was placed on hold due to a number of reasons, but particularly due to Hurricane Ivan.
    The project was resurrected in a joint effort between the Department of Tourism and Department of Environment.
    Phase I of the programme will be initiated by a pilot project and is aimed at conducting environmental audits and establishing environmental management systems (EMS)* for the tourist accommodation sector, as well the main public sector organizations involved in executing this phase, namely the Departments of Tourism and Environment. Phase I will also involve guiding interested piloted properties through Green Globe certification and exploring the possibilities of destination certification for Little Cayman.
    Phase II will include the review of the existing development control and site design regulations with a view to incorporating environmental policies for the tourism sector, as well as a pilot EMS project for tourist attractions and developing a work plan for destination certification for Little Cayman.

    Later Phases will include establishing EMS in other tourism-related sectors/businesses, such as restaurants, tour operators and watersports operators.
    *EMS definition: Environmental Management involves comprehensively reviewing all elements of the organization's operation to evaluate the resulting impacts on the environment. Environmental Management involves:

    • Efficient use of resources such as water and energy

    • Reduction of waste generation

    • Minimization of environmental impacts

    • Policies for monitoring operations and planning for improvement

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