Travel Options

Travel Options

Once you are approved for the Global Citizen Concierge, our Support Team will assist with your travel arrangements. Options for travel will be as follows: 

Cayman Airways

In partnership with the Cayman Islands Government, Cayman Airways is offering repatriation flights to Grand Cayman from various destinations based on demand, including from: La Ceiba, Honduras; Kingston, Jamaica; and Miami, Florida. For the latest news and information on repatriation flights, visit

British Airways

British Airways is operating a fortnightly service between Grand Cayman and Heathrow Airport, UK. This schedule will continue to be reviewed until normal commercial services can be resumed.
Dates for upcoming inbound flights are 15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov and 26 Nov.
All Inbound passengers require pre-approval to enter the Cayman Islands and British Airways will be checking permissions at Heathrow prior to boarding.

Private Jet & Private Charter

If you are intending to travel to the Cayman Islands in a private jet or charter, your aircraft operator must contact the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands at for prior authorization. The Civil Aviation Authority requires up to 6 days to provide authorizations. For further information please refer to the CAACI website.

  • Please click here for up-to-date travel information for getting to the Cayman Islands. Also note that any possible quarantine guidelines will need to be adhered to upon arrival to Grand Cayman.
  • Some airlines are offering flights to the Cayman Islands and accepting future bookings. However, no airlines have permission to operate commercial flights while our borders are closed. If you make reservations directly with any airline while the island borders are closed you are doing so at your own risk and should be aware that vouchers issued by airlines are not transferable to British Airways or Cayman Airways repatriation flights.

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