Global Citizen Concierge Program

Global Citizen Concierge Program

Current COVID-19 Regulations

Current COVID-19 Regulations

Living in Cayman

Living in Cayman


What type of housing and accommodation is on offer in Cayman?
Finding a home should be one of the more exciting tasks on your to-do-list. Cayman offers a wide range of accommodations— from high-end luxury to those on the more affordable end. We invite you to explore short-term or longer-term options based on your planned length of stay.

Connectivity and Internet

Is there free public Wi-Fi?
Most accommodations provide Wi-Fi or Internet. Check with your individual property for access. We have several public hotspots, too – including airports, Internet cafes, coffee shops, post offices and libraries. Local mobile phone network providers are Digicel and Flow.

Climate & Weather

What is the weather like?
Our rainy season is from May to October and our dry season is from November to April. This doesn't mean it rains constantly or rarely during these respective times. The names of the seasons simply reflect the trends in our region. It's common in summer to have brief showers in the afternoon and occasional rain in the mornings. Rainfall tends to be higher in the western parts of our islands.
How hot does the temperature get?
The average temperature is 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 80-95 degrees in summer. Year round, the daily temperature generally stays within the range of 70-95 degrees. Almost all properties here have air-conditioned rooms and seasonal trade winds help make our islands even more enjoyable.

Currency & Banking

Does Cayman have its own currency?
Yes, but we use U.S. currency interchangeably. Cayman Dollars are issued in notes of CI$100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 – with coins of 25, 10, 5 and 1 cent(s).
Where can I bank on-island?
Many ATMs in Cayman accept overseas debit and credit cards. Ask your bank about added fees that may be incurred. Learn more at
Is it a better exchange rate to use KYD or can I use USD$?
The official currency of the Cayman Islands is the CI dollar (KYD). The exchange rate is tied to the US dollar with CI$1 being equivalent to US$1.25.


Can I bring my pet?
Yes. Where pets are accompanying the traveler, permission must be sought from the Department of Agriculture in advance of travel. Click here for more information.

Pets accompanying the traveler, or that are already on island, and will reside in the residence of the traveler during the quarantine period are subject to the following requirements:
  • Self-quarantine at a private residence is required. This must be a stand-alone, fully fenced property with NO common areas, not accessible by other persons or animals not residing at the property.
  • The pet(s) must be quarantined for the entire duration of the owner’s required quarantine, and can only be allowed off the property once the owner is released from quarantine by the Chief Medical Officer.
  • The Director of the Department of Agriculture or his authorized representative may inspect the pet at the property at any time during the quarantine period.
What Pet Friendly Accommodation Option are available?
There are pet friendly living accommodations available on all three islands.

Education and Schooling

Can non-national children attend schools for the 24 month period?
Yes, it is mandatory for all school age children in the Cayman Islands to receive an education. Children accompanying GC parents must enroll in private school or be home schooled, at the expense of the family.
Where can I find daycare centers for my children?
School options abound for students in the Cayman Islands, you can find numerous school options here.
How can I employ a nanny?
A professional nanny is expected to have a university degree and/or some form of childcare training. Their role is to focus on the children and not on household chores.,hour%2C%20depending%20on%20their%20qualifications.

Medical, Health and Wellness

Will I be able to obtain medical insurance locally?
Valid medical insurance is a prerequisite for approval of your GCCP application.
Where are the hospitals?
Our Public Health Services complex in George Town is a modern facility with highly trained staff. There is also a private hospital called Doctors Hospital in George Town, an ultramodern facility in East End named Health City Cayman Islands, as well as several other non-emergency facilities that are privately run in Grand Cayman. In Cayman Brac, there is Faith Hospital, and, in Little Cayman, we have a small clinic available in case of emergencies.
Do you have a list of fitness centers?
Several studios and gyms across the islands offer everything from Pilates, spinning to barre classes and boot camps. Most studios and gyms require monthly memberships; however, many resorts have gym and fitness facilities available to guests free of charge.



What types of religious services do the Cayman Islands offer?
The Cayman Islands is a multicultural country with over 200 churches and almost every denomination and faith-based community represented. The following are just some of the services held weekly.
House of Worship Directory?
The Cayman Islands is a faith-based community and home to many denominations. Follow the link to see a list of places of worship.


What can we expect when Grocery Shopping?
Cayman’s supermarkets offer a wide range of brands that are similar to products found in North America. Click the link for a list of the supermarkets for your shopping convenience.

Shipping to the Cayman Islands

Does Amazon or other online warehouses ship to Cayman?
Yes, however due to shipping overseas, services like ‘same day delivery’ do not apply.  There are also Customs duties assessed on most items shipped into the country.

Things to Do in Cayman

Are there any adult sports leagues/clubs I can join -- running, soccer, baseball, basketball?
The range of sports offerings has significantly developed throughout the years in the Cayman Islands, whether competing locally or on the global stage. There is now a diverse range of sport offerings whether you are a hardcore athlete or just want to be part of a team. Sporting opportunities, events and competitions are available year-round, and residents love to get involved.
Below is a list of various groups that you can join.
The Cayman Islands has no shortage of civic and socially responsible groups and organizations. Below is list of various groups to joining.
Where can I rent Bicycles/scooters/moped rentals?
The flat terrain and good condition of the roads makes getting around by bike easy, although it does get hot.


Can I use the beaches at hotels?
All beaches in the Cayman Islands are public up to the high-water mark, including the stretches of beach directly in front of resorts. Beachfront properties usually have amenities for their guests only such as beach chairs, cabanas, and pools.  To access the public beaches, look out for 'Beach Access' signs along coastal roads, park your car and follow the footpaths to some hidden gems.
I would like to learn to dive. What dive operators offer beginner dive lessons?
With over 40 dive operators doing business on Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and dive staff from around the world, you will find the quality of service and teaching to be excellent. There is ample opportunity for experienced divers explore the reefs and walls and for beginners to try it out for the first time or enroll on a certification course.

Visiting the Sister Islands

What is the best way to get to the Sister Islands?
You can journey over to the Sister Islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, for a little adventure and exploration. The Sister Islands are easily accessible from Owen Roberts International Airport via the National Flag Carrier, Cayman Airways