Where to Live

Where to Live

Long Term Accommodation World-Class Accommodation meets Caymankindness: A Place to Call Home    

The Cayman Islands, which is comprised of three unique islands, offers an array of unparalleled accommodations, from secluded villas to vacation rentals and beachfront properties. It’s no surprise that travelers turn to the Cayman Islands for a tropical getaway.  

Now more than ever, it is possible to live like you’re on vacation year-round and turn a beachfront condo into your corner office with breathtaking views. Our trusted team of tourism officials is on-hand to help you find an unforgettable property to call home. 

Finding a home should be one of the more exciting tasks on your to-do-list. There is such a diverse selection of properties available in Cayman — from high-end luxury offerings to those on the more affordable end.

We invite you to explore short-term or longer-term options based on your planned length of stay.



Global Citizens can start the day with a morning stroll along Seven Mile Beach, snorkel with stingrays in the clear waters of the Caribbean during lunch and be “home for dinner” with offerings from the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’s best locales. For the next two years, digital nomads will explore and immerse into the wonders of island life. Please click here for local offers regarding accommodations, services, entertainment, and shopping.