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The Ministry of Tourism is pleased to once again invite applicants for the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) Scholarship Programme. Caymanians wishing to pursue a Bachelor degree in a tourism or tourism-related discipline are urged to. Also, secondary consideration will also be given for tourism or tourism related studies for Masters degrees.


Since its inception in 1996, this annual scholarship has awarded over 150 students either full or partial scholarships. Many of these students have gone on to work full time  the tourism industry, and some of the “Ministry’s graduates” now hold senior positions at the Department of Tourism and other tourism establishments. Historically MoT Scholars have earned degrees in disciplines such as Marketing, Public Relations and Communications, Tourism and Environmental Management, Hotel Management, Travel Tourism and Hospitality and the Visual Arts at universities and colleges in the US, England and Canada.

One of our primary goals is to attract a steady stream of skilled and enthusiastic tourism professionals who can actively contribute to the future prosperity of the tourism sector. The Ministry and Department of Tourism continues to work hard to achieve this through the Scholarship Programme and through other initiatives such as the Tourism Apprenticeship Training Programme.

2017 Awards Application Deadline: Friday 31 March 2018

Please ensure you are able to scan and upload the required documentation. Public computers are available at the Cayman Islands Public Libraries in each district. Incomplete application will NOT be accepted. 

For Further information please contact the Department of Tourism by telephone at 244-1252.

Prospective Students

MOT Scholarship Brochure
MOT Tourism Scholarship Brochure 1
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Criteria and Guidelines 
Scholarship Criteria, Guidelines and Regulations
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