The Weekender

You’re different. You crave spontaneity over structure, adventure over average. You don’t follow directions unless they take you off the beaten path. You don’t just live in the moment, you create the moment. While everyone else is pinning it, liking it or sharing it, you get up and do it.

Your palate is sophisticated enough to dine at award winning restaurants and untamed enough to enjoy street side fare. Some would say that you take everything to the extreme, from spelunking in caves haunted by legend to being cradled in braided hammocks. You take every event and make it an experience.
 You don’t need years to plan your dream vacation, you take the trips that turn out to be more than you could ever dream. Time is of the essence for you, but you know exactly when to pause and take it all in. You are a weekender – you understand fully the meaning of a sweet escape. You belong in the Cayman Islands, where a few days can be worth all the time in the world.


Cayman Carnival Batabano 

May 2-6, 2018

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