E-Business and Research

To thoughtfully and strategically explore and develop the most appropriate needs to keep the Cayman Islands as an online brand leader. Provide up-to-date analytics and research that will assist in accurate business intelligence. 

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  • Ricardo Smith

    Research Analyst

    Ricardo Smith holds the title of Research Analyst, whose effective task is to conduct primary research and provide analysis to support the delivery of high-quality, integrated marketing programs and services to clients worldwide. His work allows the Department of Tourism to effectively build brand awareness, promote the destination and drive visitor arrivals to the Cayman Islands. He brings over 12 years’ experience working in Statistics to his role at the Department

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Website Administrator

    Jeremy Walsh joined the Department of Tourism in April 2017 in the role of Website Administrator. As a Certified Microsoft Professional (MCP), Jeremy brings with him a strong background in digital media. Prior to working with CIDOT, Jeremy's work experience included IT Instructor with HEART Trust/NTA, eMedia Officer and Assistant Webmaster with JN Bank, Graphic Design Consultant with the University of Technology, Jamaica and Graphic Design Consultant with Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED). Jeremy possesses a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. 

  • Ashley Amador-Rankine

    Research Officer

    Ashley Amador-Rankine holds the position of Research Officer. Her role is to support the department’s efforts to provide effective analysis and reporting related to tourism in the Cayman Islands. Her work aids the Department of Tourism in the development of marketing strategies geared towards brand awareness and promotion of the destination.

    Ashley holds a Master of Marketing & Communications from Rome Business School, Rome, Italy and a B.Sc. in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University, Miami, USA.

    She has experience in events, communication, research and marketing in the Cayman Islands and abroad. Not only is Ms. Amador-Rankine a very curious individual with an adventurous spirit, but she has a love for volunteering, outdoor activities, travel, culture and art.

  • Cindy Powery


    Ms. Cindy Powery holds the title of Enumerator/Research Assistant for the Department of Tourism, bringing over 15 years’ experience in customer service to her role.

     As Enumerator/Research Assistant, Ms. Powery collects data from the IslandsÍ› visitors at the airport and cruise port on a daily basis. She loves having the opportunity to find out about their visit to the island and encourage them to return to the destination.

    Ms. Powery is also responsible for monthly data entry and training interns and staff on data collection. Ms. Powery is presently pursuing her Associate degree in Public Administration at the Civil Service College. When she’s not crunching data, you can find her writing songs, singing, reading, and spending time with her four children of whom she is very proud.

  • Malcolm Hurlston


    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Malcolm moved to the Cayman Islands in 2000 when his father felt a calling for his homeland. Since then, Malcolm has developed a deep infatuation with the Cayman Islands. He became a part of the CIDOT family in 2016 when he joined as an Enumerator and Research Assistant. He aims to develop his career in the Tourism sector. Taking his responsibility as an ambassador of the Cayman Islands seriously, Malcolm aims to always shine as a representative of the Cayman Islands. His hobbies include watching football, DJing and displaying the ‘Caymankind’ way!