Product Development

To support and develop programmes which enhance and reaffirm the Cayman Islands’ high-quality tourism product for Caymanians, residents and visitors.

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  • Gail Henry

    Deputy Director, Product Development

    Gail Henry is the Deputy Director, Tourism Product Development. She is an avid global traveller and a strong believer in the potential of tourism for enhancing the quality of lives of communities and promoting local culture and heritage. With over 15 years͛ experience working in the Caribbean tourism industry, her former positions have included those of Sustainable Tourism Product Specialist at the Caribbean Tourism Organization and Senior Tourism Advisor at the Ministry of Tourism, Trinidad and Tobago. She developed a keen interest in sustainable development whilst managing projects covering the six Caribbean islands affiliated with the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

    Ms. Henry is responsible for leading the Tourism Product Development Unit at the Department to ensure that the quality of the visitor experience meets or exceeds visitors’ expectations and keeps the Cayman Islands top of mind as a preferred destination for its target markets. This entails not only strengthening relationships with key tourism private and public stakeholders but also building the local capacity and talent to manage the destination and develop and offer a diverse range of sustainable tourism products to visitors. Her Unit also provides of support to the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport for the creation of an enabling environment to advance tourism sustainability in the Cayman Islands.

    Ms. Henry’s academic qualifications include a BSc. Economics and an International MBA from the University of the West Indies as well as a MSc. Degree in Tourism Marketing from the UNWTO accredited University of Surrey, UK.

  • Richard Tyson

    Manager, Tourism Development Services

    Richard Tyson is a seasoned environmental professional, with over 11+ years of experience in the Environmental, Public Health and Tourism Sector. He brings professional skills in leadership, sustainability, environmental planning, project and asset management through his work with various organizations. Richard has experience working in high stress environments that require rigorous analysis and research, within a range of governmental and non-governmental organizations, where adaptability is key. He joined the CIDOT on November 8th, 2021, as Manager, Tourism Product Development; where he is responsible for Tourism Accommodation Inspections & Licenses, Tourism Education & Scholarships, Visitor Experience Enhancements and managing the development of National Tourism Training & Tourism Sustainability Programmes.
    Prior to joining the CIDOT, Richard was a CIG intern for the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing before gaining employing as an Engineering Technical Officer with the Department of Environmental Health. In 2017, he worked as a Policy Advisor (Environmental Health) for the Ministry of HECH and as an Assistant Naturalist at the Ambassadors of the Environment, Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. In 2012 he was awarded with a CIG Scholarship for undergraduate studies and in 2016 the UK FCO Chevening Scholarship Award, geared towards individuals who possess exceptional leadership qualities and the ability to become future decision makers in their respective countries. Richard holds a Master of Science (in Engineering) degree in Environmental Engineering and Project Management from the University of Leeds, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science (with a minor in Geology) and an Associates in Geography.    

  • Carol Britton

    Customer Service Standards and Training Officer

    Carol Britton works for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism as a Customer Service Standards and Training Officer.  In 2006, Carol joined the Department of Tourism as the Inspections and Promotions Officer for the Sister Islands; then, in late 2008 she went on to accept the position of Marketing Projects Assistant.  Before joining the Department of Tourism, she worked for the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel and Spa in the historically-rich Pasadena, California. There she was actively involved with service excellence through the Sizzle Team and as a QSP Analyst.  While studying at Pacific Union College, Carol was nominated for the prestigious Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.  Carol has her BBA and MBA in Marketing.

  • Shameka Clarke

    Product Development Officer (Policy, Culture and Heritage)

    Shameka Clarke has been with the Department of Tourism for approximately 10 years. Prior to working in her current role as a Product Development Officer, Shameka held two other positions within the Department: Enumerator in the E-Business and Research Unit and Executive Officer (Operations) in the Finance and Administration Unit. Before joining the CIDOT team, she was employed as a Customer Service Agent at the Florida airport ticket counters with Cayman Airways Ltd and later worked for the Government’s Cabinet Office in the capacity of Executive Officer I.

    Shameka has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Travel Management and has begun her studies for a Master’s of Science in Business Administration.

    Outside of her tourism background, Shameka is also a professional singer and brand ambassador. She has performed at notable events for the Department and other charitable governmental events over the years.

  • Zorina McCoon

    Tourism Development Coordinator

    Zorina McCoon serves as the Tourism Development Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and assisting with the implementation of the National Tourism Plan, providing administrative and financial support to the School of Hospitality Studies, working closely with committees assigned to complete action items as a part of the Visitor Management Strategy, coordinate/supervise the CIDOT tourism awareness and community involvement programs and assist with tourism events, career fairs and activities.
    Prior to joining the Department of Tourism, Zorina worked as a Primary Years Teacher for the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Palm Beach Atlantic University and brings a wealth of experience in curriculum and relationship building as well as effective communications.
    Zorina is passionate about Caymanian culture and heritage and sharing her knowledge with children and young adults. She also enjoys informing others, specifically young adults, of various careers within the industry.

  • Janet Holness

    Customer Service Standards Training Officer

    Janet Holness is a Customer Service Standards and Training Officer for the Department of Tourism͛s Product Development unit. She joined the department in 1985 as a clerical officer and then moved up to the position of Senior Hotel Inspector before becoming a Customer Service Trainer. 

    In this position, Janet conducts CIDOT’s PRIDE workshops in which she trains service providers and those employed in tourism-related industries in providing excellent customer service. She particularly enjoys having the opportunity to work with and empower young people.  While working with the Department, Janet earned her Associates degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Liberal Studies from the University College of the Cayman Islands.

  • Tina O’Connor

    Hotel Inspector

    Tina O’Connor holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. She has been employed in the capacity of Hotel Inspector at the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism since August 2003. Evidently successful in this role, she was recently promoted to Senior Hotel Inspector. As Senior Hotel Inspector, Tina is responsible for assisting with the Department’s Tourism Accommodation Licenses, including current properties and those new to the rental pool. Tina has twenty-five years of work experience in industries such as Hotel Management and Hospitality.

  • Ethel Dral

    Hotel Inspector

    Ethel Dral is a Hotel Inspector for the Department of Tourism, working with the Hotel Licensing Board (HLB) to ensure that the Cayman Islands tourism product meets the highest of standards. Her inspections allow the Cayman Islands to provide safe, quality accommodations to visitors in order for their stay to be a pleasurable one.

    Tourism has always been a passion for Ethel and, as a result, she has developed a love for learning different languages; she is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and some Brazilian Portuguese. Her most interesting foreign language experience occurred when a distressed Japanese visitor got separated from his group. With Ethel’s quick thinking and Google Translate, she was able to assist him immediately.

    Ethel values the importance of good customer service, as she believes that experiences stay in one’s memory and are the underlying factor in a person’s decision to return to or recommend a destination.

  • Yvonne Walton

    Inspection and Promotions Officer, Cayman Brac

    In 2015, Yvonne joined the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism in Cayman Brac as an Inspection and Promotion Officer. Prior to joining CIDOT, she worked for LIME, formerly Cable and Wireless, where she started out in 1991 as an Office Clerk. During her time there, she worked her way up and attended the Cable and Wireless College in St. Lucia. In September of 2000, Yvonne was promoted to the position of Manager (Brac) which she held for the remaining of her twenty-two years with the company. Yvonne has held positions on various government boards including the Chairman and Deputy Chair of The Sister Islands Affordable Housing and a member of the Education Council. She was a member of The National Hurricane Damage Assessment Committee, Sister Islands Sustainable Development Committee and continues to serve as a volunteer for the Cayman Brac Annual Agriculture Show. On Hero’s Day 2010, Yvonne was awarded the Spirit of Excellence for Exemplary Christian Service.

  • Mitzi Scott-Canigon

    Product and Promotions Assistant, Cayman Brac

    Mitzi Scott-Canigon has been employed with the Department of Tourism for a total of 17 years. She currently works in the capacity of Product and Promotions Assistant in the Product Development unit. Her duties include inspecting tourism properties, records management, and assisting with the Familiarisation and Visiting Journalists programmes. Mitzi has been working in the Tourism industry for 26 years. Previously, she worked as a mixologist, beverage supervisor andfood server at DIVI TIARA Beach Resort in Cayman Brac. She then began working for the Department of Tourism as a temporary placement in December 2000. She returned to CIDOT in 2001 as a Clerical Officer and was promoted to Product and Promotions Assistant in 2009. Mitzi also earned her career diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 2002. 

  • Johanna McLaughlin

    Customer Service Representative (Ports of Entry)

    Johanna has been working for the Department of Tourism since 2014. She started her career and gained experience in tourism by working in the hospitality industry for over 16 years. Johanna now works as a Customer Service Representative at CIDOT’s ports of entry. She engages with visitors in a positive and approachable manner, assisting them with information and ensuring that they enjoy their visit to the Cayman Islands. Johanna takes pride in having returning visitors remember her and express gratitude for her wonderful service during their previous trips. She loves working for the CIDOT because she has the opportunity to introduce people to her wonderful home. Johanna has a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Studies.

  • Melissa Hamilton

    Customer Service Representative (Ports of Entry)

    Melissa is a 12-year veteran of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism’s Customer Service Team team. She provides visitors with a warm CaymanKind welcome every time they set foot on the Cayman Islands. Melissa loves sharing her expertise with guests and aims to ensure that they leave the destination with memories of an unforgettable experience and an urge to return for more. Melissa truly enjoys meeting interesting people from around the world, sharing Caymanian culture with them and learning a bit about their cultures as well. As Melissa says, “It’s not just a job to me; it’s a big part of my life.”